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AQUA HYDRATION FORMULAS - Frequently Asked Questions - About managing water down to the cellular Level

What is Hydration?

Yours body’s ability to absorb and manage water down to the cellular level. Hydration has more to do with water uptake than water intake.

What do the AQUA Hydration Formulas do?

Assist your body to upgrade Hydration and re-educate your body to reset its water management and thirst mechanisms. Regular use of the AQUA Formulas will assist stamina and improve general wellbeing.

I drink plenty of purified water. Why do I need to take the AQUA Formulas?

It’s not only how much water you drink but also how well you absorb and metabolise water that counts.

Why are there two formulas and why are they different for men and women?

Male and Female AQUA AM and AQUA PM have been developed to address both waking and sleeping cycles of metabolism and the differences in water metabolism in male and female bodies.

Are there any side effects?

No, not generally. When your body begins to upgrade hydration, your cells may be able to release stored toxins. You may experience temporarily a headache or tiredness when your body is responding to this process. It is recommended to increase your water intake for several days to assist this to pass quickly. Further, you may wish to ask your health professional about also attending to your intestinal flora, liver function and other detox mechanisms.

Will the Aquas make me thirsty?

Reports from AQUA users indicate that many people do become more aware of the desire to drink water, others who already consume a large quantity of water daily report that their thirst is more adequately quenched by their fluid intake.

Should I take the AQUA Formulas with food?

We recommend that you take the Aquas at least 20 minutes prior to eating or at least 45 minutes after a meal.

How long should I take the AQUA Formulas?

Hydration, together with nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing, are the corner stones of good health. We need to attend to hydration as part of our ongoing health regime.

Does it matter if I miss the Aquas for a day?

No. In fact it is recommended in general to take the Aquas for only 5 days each week. However, best results will come from consistent use over the long term.

Will the AQUA Formulas interfere with my current health regime?

No. Because the AQUA Formulas address the fundamentals of hydration they are as complementary as good nutrition, to other health regimes.

A Melbourne Naturopath John Coleman incorporates the AQUA Formulas in his treatment protocol for Neuro Degenerative diseases. For more information visit