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More on my daily wellness Leonie

A couple of weeks ago I started by giving you my morning wellness routine……..there’s more…

In addition to the early morning routine I do take various herbs and homeopathic for maintenance of the body systems as needed.  More on this subject in future blogs.

As I have a busy work schedule I do not get the time to make a fresh green smoothie as often as I would like so the superfood drink is an easy way to ensure I am getting adequate intake of the essential nutrients needed daily - in a concentrated form, derived from whole foods. (not synthetics)  I am using Activated Nutrients brand currently, and loving it!  ( product designed by my colleague Dr Jaroslav Boublik no less)

Did you know that more than 90% of Australians do NOT consume adequate fruit and vegetables

As well at that I eat plenty of organic fruit and vegetables with my meals and I am fortunate to live in a regional area where I can have a couple of cattle and a few sheep to keep the grass down and they then become a healthy source of protein when the time is right.

Leonies daily health regime uncovered......

My daily regime.....uncovered....

Hello there.  People often ask me what kinds of things I do and what supplements I take for my general wellness routine……. so here is a start…….

Most days ( I always like to take Sunday off any routine) I start the day with my hydration drink including the Aqua Hydration formulas.  

Also, I often then serve myself up approx 75mL glass of red and green superfoods and follow up with a larger glass of filtered water to which I add my Aqua’s,  tsp. magnesium powder, tsp. alkaliser, half tsp vitamin C powder, Vit D liquid, a few Selenium drops together with my high quality fish oils. 

Quite a powerful cocktail to start the day!

I jokingly call the combo of drinks my income protection insurance!  I run my own business and a private practice and I have a busy active life so I want to remain as fit and well as possible as I am not interested in needing unnecessary days off unless I choose to take time for other things. 

Fortunately it seems to be working as I rarely get caught up with regular rounds of colds and flus etc.

Magnesium is a macro nutrient so many of us need some supplemented as our diet is often inadequate and our digestion is not up to scratch.  We need good digestive capability in order to extract the minerals from our diet.   Vit C is not stored so a daily top up is valuable for our immunity and general health.  We often do not get enough sunlight directly on our skins these days as we are busy avoiding sun damage so we can be low in Vit D. Vit D is vital for so many functions from bone health to mental health to being known as anti carcinogenic . We can ill afford to be compromised with inadequate levels in our system.  You may like to speak with your health professional about what would suit you for your daily regime.

Cheers, Leonie 

Great feedback from practitioners

Great to talk with another Bowen practitioner in Canberra today and hear how the Aqua's are supporting her clients. There was a question about the suitability of the Aqua formulas for a teenager.  The Aqua's are safe to use with no reported contraindications over the last 20 years on the market, so a low dose would be suitable for a teen as proper hydration is vital for all age groups.  I will look forward to her feedback.

Summer is the time when we need extra vigilance re: our hydration

Gosh what a hot start to the Australian summer we have had!  Whilst hydration is a lifelong is often at this time of year that we are more acutely aware of implications.   I have been watching the Australian Open Tennis this week, only to see several of the spectators falling about from being overheated and obviously dehydrated.  The tennis players often better as they attend to their hydration continually.    If you are drinking lots of water but not feeling satiated you are displaying symptoms of compromised hydration and may need more than just water!  Look at some of our articles on site which explain more......

USA Visit to Aqua Stockists

I have recently returned from the USA where I visited my two Aqua stockists, Robert in Olympia and John in Denver.  

Robert Rodgers runs a Parkinson's Recovery Program called "Jump Start". He and Deborah facilitated a group a few weeks ago. When I asked him how things went he sent me this feedback about a fellow who used the Aqua hydration formulas...........

"One of the participants - a man - reported that he was skeptical at first but figured he would give the Aquas a try out. His experience was that the tension and aches in his leg muscles were relieved. He was very positive about its effectiveness and was a reason many others decided to give Aquas a try out as well."

I think that it is great to be skeptical and yet be brave enough to try out something that is safe and can offer some relief, and possibly inspire others with health challenges.

Bowen Therapy

Brian, who worked as a Bowen Therapist sent me this report a few weeks ago after we were chatting about his work experience with the Aqua Hydration formulas......

"In the later part of my working life as a Bowen Therapist I discovered the greater dynamic effects of Aqua Hydration drops tailored to each clients needs and particular responces with sufferers of various strains of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Glandular Fever.

After providing the setting up of the Liver to Brain networking through finger touch holding points on the anterior and posterior points of the liver to commence Liver dynamic rapid Detox governed by the brain - Liver coordination, I provided each with their own tolerance levels of  intake of the Aquas over a month by month monitoring basis, and discovered a rapid resolution of their symptoms until there was a steady ongoing resolved out-come. Whereupon I continued to monitor them for approximately 3 to 6 months, and the clients were delighted with the out-comes need I say.

A great big thank you to Leonie and her team at Wild Medicine. "

......and thanks to you Brian for taking the time to share this technical feedback regarding your Bowen clients