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I'm a Bowen therapist that stocks alternative health products, I am currently taking the aqua hydration formula for elbow and wrist pain, that was making working life very painful. After two weeks all pain was gone! I love this product!!. I stopped taking the drops for a week and the same pain returned. I would love for my clients to benefit also from this amazing product.

Dayna T. (Australia)

"The Aqua formulas have been part of my daily routine for at least 10 years. I have had a chance to test their efficacy.

(Let's face it: when we are taking some preparation, how do we know that we are feeling good because of the preparation? - or is it just a coincidence?)

As a travelling performer and actor, over the years I was often on the road for long periods of time.

Sometimes my supplies of the Aqua's would run out, and during periods when I was not able to take the Aquas regularly, I found that the symptoms of dehydration returned: dry mouth, unexplained headaches, fatigue and even gastric reflux; all of which I used to experience on a regular basis.

During hot periods in the summer months, I would often find myself drinking large amounts of fluids, feeling bloated but still thirsty.
All of these symptoms vanish when I'm taking the Aqua's!

The Aquas have become a regular part of my morning and evening activity, a background supplement that sets me up for the day.
I find that when I am well hydrated, I do not need to rely on other supplements as much as I used to.

The Aqua's have become my major preventative "medicine""

G. Baird. Elwood. Voice teacher.

“Prior to using the Aqua hydration formulas over 15 years ago, I rarely drank water or many fluids at all because I felt bloated (like I was drowning) if I had a glass of water & rarely felt thirsty. Since commencing use of the formulas, I easily drink over 2 litres of filtered water each day. Other benefits I have noticed are; that I feel that I have less pain in my joints, my skin quality & hydration has improved, I actually feel thirsty & enjoy drinking water. “

Lauren M Melbourne.

“I have to say that my last trip to Europe was made so much better by using the AquaHydration Formulas and the Humidiflyer. I arrived in Paris at 8am(their time) after a 29hour journey feeling refreshed and ready to begin the conference I was attending. I had such a deep, natural sleep. Having made the journey twice before I was impressed! However, the real amazement came on the homeward journey, previously that has knocked the stuffing out of me. Not so this time, once again I slept so well and I also noticed that my usual ‘jumpy leg’ syndrome wasn’t an issue. The difference using the AquaHydration Formulas and the Humidiflyer was enormous for me, I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Jennifer Grinter
Complimentary Therapist Melbourne

I suffered headaches and migraines for more than I care to remember. But if you need a close figure it would be around the 20 year mark. I have spent a small fortune on all different sorts of professional modalities, from chiropractors, osteopaths, soft tissue therapies, naturopaths, neurologists, medications, even botox injections throughout the back of my head.

I first heard of Aqua Hydration Formulas during an oncology massage course that I was a participant in. As a remedial massage therapist, and a microbiologist in my previous career, the information given just seemed to leap out at me as to the possible benefits for myself. I ordered AHF on-line and within 2 weeks my constant headache began to ease, and within 3 weeks it had completely gone. My headaches would always be a lot more intense around my period time. I thought that this was mainly attributed to hormones but it now appears that it may have actually been due to an increase in dehydration due to blood loss. I still suffer slight pain around this time ,but know where the intensity

I have always drank a lot of water, and hence did not think that it could be dehydration. I now believe that, for whatever reason, my body was on a 'short hydration pathway', rather than the 'long hydration pathway'. I did not even know there was such a thing. The exact science of it, well to be honest, I do not know at this stage. But I do know that I am one happy camper! I even sleep a lot better! Thankyou AHF!

Nicole S., Remedial Massage Therapist, Melbourne, Australia

When Padraraig has completed a long run, he would have sore and painful and tired legs. But since been on the Aquas he finds no pain or soreness and the tiredness does not last as long (although this may also be helped by Bowen technique.)

Sinead (my daughter) who is 'much happier' - has headaches when she has no Aquas (we ran out at one stage)


Alice O., Bowen Therapist, Ireland

In June of 2005 , I Saw a Client; Miss T, who presented with very tight muscle texture over most of her body, and suffered from long periods of extreme pain and fatigue, and momentary periods of partial up-turns of energy. A young lady of only 25 years, and had been diagnosed with glandular fever in her teens and later chronic-fatigue Syndrome. I commenced doing Bowen therapy for her, and started her on Aqua Hydration drops, to which she responded to remarkably well, and quickly. I noticed a dramatic change in muscle constitution, [much softer] much greater range of motion, and postural corrections. Needless to say she was extremely delighted with the out-come. I saw her again recently [on another matter] and she has retained amazing health.

I have been recently treating a gentleman in his 70s who is one of a number of patients I've been treating for Peripheral Neuropathy, [very poor circulation, and very little sensitivity of the extremities], with limited mobility, and had been operated on to remove 'the gunk' from the rear of the legs and knees. I have been treating him with Bowen Therapy and Aqua Hydration drops; what a remarkable recovery, he hardly uses his walking frame now, his whole health, posture, and range of motion has had a massive turn-around. a very happy chappy.

There have been a number of cases like these, with similar kinds of problems, with outstanding results using treatments with Aqua Hydration drops.

Many thanks, and kindest regards: Brian. R. Bowen Therapist, Canberra.

" I have been using the Aqua's for a few years now. The main changes I have noticed are better sleep, increased alertness, better skin tone, reduced recovery time after exercise - improved general health and wellbeing."

John S. Melbourne, Australia.

I have started using the drops with my family and a few of my clients and am having exciting results already.

Best wishes,

Kylie R, Bowen Therapist, Shepparton, Australia

"Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am using the Aqua hydration formulas during international flights. Most recent trip was 7 day duration, 2 1/2 days in Italy and the rest travelling. This is the 4th time I have used the Aqua's during long flights and the difference needs to be experienced to be believed."

Jenny. B. Melbourne. Marketing Co-ordinator

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