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HYDRATION - Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the symptoms of compromised HYDRATION?

Symptoms may include: Lack of thirst, poor digestion, dry skin, poor sleeping patterns, mental fatigue, dislike of drinking WATER, fluid retention, dry mouth, sugar cravings, coffee cravings, tiredness.

What factors can impact my HYDRATION state?

  1. Nutrition - many of the foods that we consume today are dehydrated for convenience - packaged foods and convenience foods now are commonly used by many people. With the huge range of beverages available today WATER is not even considered by many people.
  2. Emotions - Emotional stress may affect HYDRATION. In Chinese medicine the element of WATER symbolises the emotions.
  3. The Environment - Today many people work and live in air conditioned environments with fluorescent lights, computer equipment, and appliances such as mobile phones, microwaves ovens etc. all emitting electromagnetic fields.

Is HYDRATION important in “Jet Lag”?

Yes, maintaining good hydration during air travel will minimize the effects of the dry environment found on modern jet airliners.  Jet lag is often attributed to the effect of moving across time zones but if this were the only reason then traveling North-South would not be a problem.  The fact that it is suggests that other factors such as exposure to radiation and your hydration state are also important.

Is good HYDRATION important for exercise performance and recovery?

Yes, one of the few areas where there is a significant amount of research on the importance of optimal hydration is for sports performance and recovery.  Preparing for any exertion by pre-loading with fluid, maintaining proper fluid intake during exercise and replenishing lost fluid after exercise have all been shown to maximize performance and optimize recovery. 

Does good HYDRATION support digestion?

Yes, it makes more WATER available to the digestive process, so that your body can more efficiently process food into nutrients and energy.

Does good HYDRATION support oxygenation?

Yes, oxygen is transported to cells via the circulation, bound to hemoglobin and dissolved in the WATER fraction of plasma.

Will improved HYDRATION give me more energy?

Improved HYDRATION, at the cellular level, provides the cells with the nutrients they need to function more efficiently and produce more energy.

Why is HYDRATION vital to health?

WATER is the key to life on this planet and health in the human body. HYDRATION is one of the corner stones of good health. Along with nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing, it is essential for the creation of good health and longevity. Drinking purified WATER is a useful first step in supporting good health. Yet in our modern stressful environment drinking pure WATER is not enough. We need to ensure that the WATER absorption and WATER metabolism are functioning efficiently in our bodies.

The American newsletter Health Alert reported recently "when it comes to diseases like heart, kidney or stomach disease, allergies, asthma, arthritis and skin diseases, your state of HYDRATION (WATER balance) may be the single most important factor is your recovery or even your survival". 

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