the most fundamental factor in wellness



Your body's ability to absorb and manage WATER down to the cellular level

Correct HYDRATION results in a balance between WATER movement in to and out of the body, organs, tissues and cells and is a major issue in managing our wellness"

Hydrate for Life!

A major reason for poor HYDRATION as we get older is the gradual decline of the thirst mechanism in the brain.

"Good HYDRATION during the early stages of life will prevent visible ageing, which occurs when the largest organ in the body (the skin) becomes regularly dehydrated."

Your body and its cells need WATER to function. It is the basis of the fluids, which bathe the cells and tissues of your body.

Your most basic nutritional task is WATER balance.

Correct fluid balance influences:

  • Energy, stamina and vitality
  • A more stable body weight
  • General health
  • The ability to deal with stress
  • The ageing process
  • Mental clarity
  • Digestion
  • Skin texture

But it is not how much WATER you drink that determines how fluids are balanced throughout your body. It is the concentration and distribution of these fluids (and the nutrients they hold) that determine internal shifts and balances in your body WATER.

Four functions of body WATER that are essential to life:

  1. Create the environment necessary for all chemical processes within living cells - resulting in energy production and growth.
  2. Provide the medium for transporting nutrients to cells and toxins away from cells.
  3. Provide the means for maintaining a stable body temperature.
  4. Give strength and structure to cells and tissues.