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Top Up - Superfood for Men

By using wholefoods instead of laboratory-manufactured nutrients, you are getting all the phytonutrients and enzymes that are found in the plant and accompany the major vitamins.

These co-nutrients actually allow the body to absorb nutrients more fully, optimising its benefit for the body 

Certified Organic Reds & greens powders and pre/pro-biotics.

  • premium, 100% natural, certified Organic wholefood based, plant and herbal derived supplement focused on the health needs of men; a once daily all-in-one alternative to synthetic multivitamins, reds & greens powders and pre/pro-biotics. 224gm tub with 4-8 weeks supply  
  • The dosage can be adjusted depending on how healthy your diet is. If you eat 3 healthy wholefood-based meals a day, most people find that 1 teaspoon is the perfect amount to feel the benefits of optimal nutritional intake. If you feel your diet is in- consistent or lacking in nutrients, we recommend 2 teaspoons. 
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