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Top Up 50+ Superfood

All-in-one daily superfood powder for people over 50 with essential vitamins from organic wholefoods and clinically proven probiotics. 

Boost energy production, support your immune system and protect bone health with Top Up 50+. 

This potent superfood powder is formulated to meet your specific nutritional needs and deliver essential vitamins and minerals as well as prebiotics and probiotics for increased vitality, strength and wellbeing.  


Struggle with maintaining a healthy diet


Feel tired and run-down


Are frequently unwell


Have digestive complaints


Are recovering from injury/surgery

The dosage can be adjusted depending on how healthy your diet is. If you eat 3 healthy wholefood-based meals a day, most people find that 1 teaspoon is the perfect amount to feel the benefits of optimal nutritional intake. If you feel your diet is in- consistent or lacking in nutrients, we recommend 2 teaspoons.

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