the most fundamental factor in wellness
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HYDRATION is the most fundamental factor in wellness

this has been, to date, largely overlooked.

Ensuring that your HYDRATION mechanisms are operating with high efficiency, and are supported by the correct intake of fluid, is the single most important step you can take to improve your wellness.

The issue is not how much fluid we intake, but how well the uptake of that fluid occurs.  That's what taking the Aquas offers.

Aqua Hydration Formulas for men & women

Each 20ml bottle of the AQUA Formulas will last more than two months, based on recommended dosage levels.

You will obtain best results using filtered WATER, still or sparkling mineral WATER. Some chemicals in tap WATER, notably chlorine and fluoride, can compromise HYDRATION in the body. In all drinks, you may vary the quantity and proportion of liquids to suit your taste.

The AQUA Formulas work very gently in the body. Improving HYDRATION will naturally support your body to clear toxins. Drink 4 - 6 additional glasses of WATER daily depending on your lifestyle, exertion etc.

Aqua Hydration Formulas


Did you know that over 90% of Australians do not eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables every day.

We are excited to offer you a great organic Australian superfood product designed for Men and Women, and new additon Over 50's TOP UP.

We believe proper hydration is the primary cornerstone to wellness and we also know that good nutrition is one of the most important steps to maintaining good health, vitality and strong immunity.

The Activated Nutrient Superfoods for Men and Women have been formulated by my colleague Dr Jaroslav Boublik ( who co formulated the Aqua’s). We love using them here to supercharge our health and we are now proud to be able to offer them to you at our online store.

Made 100% from organic Wholefoods (not synthetics) they are easier to digest and get benefit from fast! I call them my “income protection insurance"

Make them part of your daily routine today to boost your nutrition and wellbeing.




John is a wealth of information and it is so good when it comes from a man who has walked the journey and has done the research and can stand in his truth and share it all with everyone who is keen to get well, and learn about living better, no matter what ailment we are managing.


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AQUA Male  - Single(AM)

AQUA Male - Single(AM)

Price: $39.93
AQUA Male - Single (PM)

AQUA Male - Single (PM)

Price: $39.93

"The Aqua formulas have been part of my daily routine for at least 10 years. I have had a chance to test their efficacy.

(Let's face it: when we are taking some preparation, how do we know that we are feeling good because of the preparation? - or is it just a coincidence?)

As a travelling performer and actor, over the years I was often on the road for long periods of time.

Sometimes my supplies of the Aqua's would run out, and during periods when I was not able to take the Aquas regularly, I found that the symptoms of dehydration returned: dry mouth, unexplained headaches, fatigue and even gastric reflux; all of which I used to experience on a regular basis.

During hot periods in the summer months, I would often find myself drinking large amounts of fluids, feeling bloated but still thirsty.
All of these symptoms vanish when I'm taking the Aqua's!

The Aquas have become a regular part of my morning and evening activity, a background supplement that sets me up for the day.
I find that when I am well hydrated, I do not need to rely on other supplements as much as I used to.

The Aqua's have become my major preventative "medicine"

G. Baird. Elwood. Voice teacher.

The Hydration Equation Balancing the flow of water through life

Problems with profound dehydration as a marathon athlete led to neuroendrocinologist Jaroslav Boublik to investigate a herbal formula developed by naturopath Leonie Hibbert. Success with this led to a research and development partnership that is now investigating a holistic scientific approach to cellular hydration at a fundamental level.

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Proper hydration underpins wellness of body and mind .......... and we want that everyday to underpin a long and healthy life!